The Global Crisis in Syria

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Dylan H. Hyams


Throughout this paper, I will explore the ongoing crisis in Syria, most commonly known as the Syrian Civil Car, and look at the key aspects as well as the global issues that it has presented to the international community. First, I will be giving an overview of the conflict in Syria and a detailed history of the destabilization of the region. Next, I will be using a concept that is used in the textbook “World Politics” by Friedan, Lakes, and Schultz (FLS), where I will be addressing the actors, their interactions, preferences and choices, and the institutions governing their decisions. After that, I will be addressing the human rights violations of the Assad regime, its allies, and the opposition forces in respect to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). After human rights, I will be addressing a conflict resolution strategy that I believe is the most effective on the global scale in reference to Middle Eastern conflicts. This paper’s main objective is to explain the complexity of the Syrian Civil War and how it has become one of the greatest and most challenging conflicts of our generation.

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