The Race for Artificial Intelligence

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Anthony Valiaveedu
Peter F. Rybinski


As witnessed in the 1927 film Metropolis and in numerous novels before, the concept of theArtificial Intelligence threat is not new. However, the threat of Artificial Intelligence has notchanged dramatically throughout the decades. Instead, it is becoming a greater reality. In 2016, developers from Google created an advancement that changed the world. Upon showcasing theirArtificial Intelligence name ‘DeepMind’ in a public expo, governments and corporations around the world instantly became interested in the effects that this creation can bring. However, this zero-sum race to develop the first “strong AI” will have immense ramifications throughout the world. This paper will explore the geopolitical impact of Artificial Intelligence at both, thedomestic and international, levels. Furthermore, the paper explores the various nations leading inArtificial development and the potential they have in their quest for Artificial Intelligence dominance. More specifically, as the United States and China are the current leaders in Artificial Intelligence research and development, the majority of this paper will analyze the effectArtificial Intelligence will have in the future between and within these two nations.

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