The Differences between ADHD Brains vs. Non ADHD Brains

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Julia Gainski


There are several different approaches to understanding the differences between ADHD brains and non ADHD brains. Through the analysis of brain imaging, MRI scans, as well as more techniques used, researchers are able to identify which regions in particular have comparable differences to a person without ADHD. The article explains various techniques used and extensively covers the different studies conducted and their corresponding results. All of the studies found that certain regions such as caudate nucleus, putamen, nucleus accumbens, amygdala, and hippocampus illustrate the biggest differ-ences in brain volume. A key point that was addressed within the article is that there needs to be a greater push for putting emphasis on mental health and the importance of staying positive in the midst of these difficulties. It is crucial that those who have disorders such as ADHD, make lifestyle changes that are best suited to them in order to manage the disorder in the most efficient way.

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