Origins of Exercise-Induced Neurogenesis

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Sanjana Venkataraman


There are numerous widely accepted short-term and longitudinal benefits of exercise. Established health benefits include the prevention of several diseases and illnesses, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain kinds of cancers (Clague and Bernstein, 2012; Chapman et al., 2013). Exercise also positively impacts mental health by reducing likelihoods of developing depression and anxiety, and generally improving overall quality of life. These positive effects of exercise make it a rich, constructive area of study in the fields of psychology and neuroscience (Mandolesi et. al., 2018). 

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Sanjana Venkataraman

My name is Sanjana Venkataraman and I am a Senior majoring in Psychology. Apart from my work with Brain Matters, I enjoy photography and have been a part of the Flashpoint Photography Club. I also enjoy travel and singing. I have worked as a research assistant at the Rhodes Lab since I was a Freshman and enjoy doing research in Behavioural Neuroscience. My research experience and interest in playing an active role in the communication of Neuroscience motivated me to write for Brain Matters.