Unraveling Human Intelligence

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Julia Gainski


Research in the psychological and brain sciences are constantly reevaluating the embodiment of human intelligence, seeking to better understand the convergence of the diverse array of differences in intellectual abilities and the variety of neurobiological mechanisms that drive this overall impact on an individual. The Network Neuroscience Theory of Human Intelligence, brain networks, differences between fluid and crystalized intelligence, pattern separation, memory encoding, and how a person’s genetics intersects with their environment are all critical components that drive the overall impact on an individual’s intelligence. 

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Julia Gainski

Julia Gainski is a junior majoring in Integrative Biology with a minor in German. She is the Public Relations chair and a writer for Brain Matters. She is a research assistant at the Control & Network Connectivity Team (CONNECTlab) at the Beckman Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, where she assists with an EEG procedure in a concurrent EEG-fMRI study. Additionally, she is a personal assistant for students with physical disabilities at Beckwith Residential Support Services at Nugent Hall on campus, the secretary and a mentor of the Pre-Physician Assistant Club, and a member of the Illini Club Tennis team.