Social Media Effect on Brain Plasticity

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Neha Bashir


The school bell rings amongst the sounds of high-pitched chattering of a suburban high school. Lucy, a young freshman, was the type of student to arrive to class five minutes early, already starting the assigned homework for the day. Hardworking and persistent, Lucy always achieved high grades in her studies. However, her infatuation for social media began to affect how well she was doing in class.

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Neha Bashir, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Neha Bashir is majoring in MCB Honors on the pre-med track, with a minor in Business. Her interests include neuroscience and cognitive health. She is a writer for Brain Matters, which allows her the opportunity to learn about pursue new information about the brain and nervous system. She first became interested with the brain in high school when she was provided the opportunity to hold a cadaver brain, and became inspired as she traced her fingers along the sulci and gyri. Additional to being a writer in Brain Matters, she is involved in cultural and medical clubs at UIUC, as well as being an undergraduate research assistant in the Physical Activity and Neurocognitive Health Lab. After graduating from UIUC, she hopes to attend medical school and achieve a career as a pediatric neurologist.