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Anton G. Endress


Scholarship has long been part of the undergraduate experience at the University of Illinois. In the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES), undergraduates are challenged with problems to solve rather than simply given answers to remember. By engaging ideas in an original, significant, and creative way, the process of inquiry expands theoretical knowledge, uncovers knowledge gaps, clarifies conflicting information, advances professions by applying knowledge in new, often multidisciplinary ways, and engages outside communities to help solve problems occurring elsewhere.

i-ACES invites manuscripts from undergraduate authors based on their individual or collaborative research study. Several manuscript types are eligible for consideration: (1) Full research report, (2) Abstract only, (3) Working paper, (4) Literature review, (5) Research process reflection paper, and (6) Letter to the editor. As you review the articles in the inaugural issue of i-ACES, ponder the opportunity to share your work with future readers. We welcome and look forward to your contribution.

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