Ready...Set...Score! A World Without Rape

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Saheli Sheth


An acclaimed documentary referred to a college campus as a “hunting ground”—a place where sexual predators come to “hunt” for their next victims. Why would this be? Oftentimes, perpetrators on college campuses are not held accountable for their actions, allowing the crime of rape to continue. In this op-ed, I explore how college athletes can be held more accountable for their actions through improved regulations. By holding athletes more accountable with the Tracy Rule—which will require them to self-report any acts of sexual misconduct—athletic departments will be able to demonstrate their commitment to ending rape. Regardless of if this change will lead to anyone truthfully self-reporting, it will clearly state college campuses’ solid stance on supporting survivors. Because college institutions exist to instill values of education, ensuring the safety of each student should take priority over assuming the eligibility of each athlete. Thus, campuses taking action is a step toward a world without rape.

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