Nike and the University of Illinois

Reid Dahlstrom, Ryuji Fujita


This mini-documentary analyzes the relationship between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and the Nike apparel company. We used the recent athletic uniform rebrand that occurred in 2014 as a catalyst for our research. Nike and the University of Illinois signed a contract in 2006 making Nike the sole supplier of athletic wear to the University. The University receives fair compensation, and Nike receives the prominent visibility that they desire. We believe this agreement to be fair to both parties while benefitting the university as a whole. Through further online research, we discovered that Chancellor Wise is currently serving on the Board of Directors at Nike. This is significant because Ms. Wise benefits financially from Nike, which could cause her to have biased opinions towards the company. We do not mean to accuse Chancellor Wise, or any other university executive, of wrongdoing. This mini-documentary is meant to bring to light the situation, not undermine any individual’s reputation. Nike and the University of Illinois have a mutually beneficial relationship that improves the lives of many students and faculty. We feel this is a topic that more students should be educated about, which was the principal motivation for our research.

Download our video from IDEALS, the institutional repository at Illinois


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Copyright (c) 2015 Reid Dahlstrom, Ryuji Fujita

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