Focus and scope of journal
This journal publishes any original undergraduate research, from any time, period, or place. The research must have a historical line of inquiry, asking a question which helps us better understand the past and the progression of people through time. However, we do accept research from other disciplines provided they have a historical scope. This journal does not specialize in theory, but will accept and publish research with a theoretical focus. Published biannually

Peer review policy
The journals peer review process is a blind review, and all materials are reviewed anonymously. Review teams are comprised of 3 to 5 people with historical interests and background that best matches the paper they are reviewing. One member is tasked with organizing and planning meetings along with overseeing edits by journal leadership. Head editors are recruited based on interest, seniority in the organization, and experience with editing and revision. The review process involves two rounds of editing, conducted over a period of two or three months. Reviewers are recruited based on interest.

Review guidelines
Reviewers aim for materials to be clear, concise, and have a good understanding of the historical background that they are aiming to contribute to. The research should draw from a large base of original primary sources and analyze and interpret these sources to add to or challenge existing historical literature.

The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition