A Small City School vs. A Big City School: Student Preparedness for Students of Color

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Olivia Hatch


The focus of this project is to examine the comparison between
the neighborhood environment and the school experience, especially
within two metropolitan cities: Champaign, IL and Chicago,
IL. It is assumed that the bigger city would have a larger pool of
resources for schools to utilize, which would give these schools a
better opportunity to educate and to improve their students and
that Chicago has fewer neighborhood-to-school interactions than
that of Champaign, because it is a bigger city, which is also key
in educating and improving students. This study hopes to investigate
if there are differences in student resources, preparedness,
etc. based on the size, racial makeup and socioeconomic
makeup of the community/city that they are being educated in. If
differences are apparent this research also hopes to offer suggestions
in fixing the problem for the sake of student preparedness.

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