Investigating Student Learning and Online Homework Tools

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Chinedu Nwoko


Many different learning tools are used in the field of education,
but not enough thought is given as to how effective these tools
are and whether there are more efficient alternatives that would
better facilitate student learning. In this research, there are two
major strategies that will be implemented: the first method is the
development of online tests to gauge student performance and
learning from video, audio, and text (to see which method of
teaching correlated with the higher scores), and the next will be
to investigate the development of students’ critical thinking skills
using homework questions. These experiments are designed to
see what different tools actually enhance the teachers’ ability to
convey information and/or students’ ability to understand and apply
key ideas. The research and testing is more geared towards
psychology students, but the results should be able to be applied
in all fields of study.

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