Can Our Children Really Learn This Way? Discovering the Impact of the Afrocentric Curriculum

Ashley Ojiemwen


The current state of education for African American children continues
to fall behind the academic achievements of White American
children. I offer an Afrocentric curriculum to improve the current
state of education for African American children. The need
for improvements to access for African American children’s educational
success is longstanding in research. While many researchers
identify failure in African American academic achievements,
Afrocentric scholars offer the development of the Afrocentric
curriculum has a solution to increase self-esteem, academic
success, and systematic/institutionally structure awareness. This
research discusses the development of the Afrocentric curriculum.
Scholars debate the use of the Afrocentric curriculum in a
kindergarten through 12th grade public education, and I will show
the current case studies that argue for and against its use. My
research finds strengths and challenges with the use of the Afrocentric
curriculum. The Afrocentric curriculum can be empowering
if the environment, the school, administrators, teachers,
and students, are fully committed to the social, educational, and
personal changes and principles that are essential to the Afrocentric

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