Analgesia: The Importance of Pain Relief

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Sarah Masud


Analgesia refers to the relief of pain without the loss of consciousness or sensation. Pain relief is something that is necessary in life, and it has many practical applications during and after surgery. There are various types of analgesics that are used to treat different kinds of pain, but they can fall into two major categories: anti-inflammatory drugs and opioids. When deciding on the best kind of analgesics to administer, specifics about the patient and the procedure must be considered. Overall, they play a crucial part in the medical field, although they have their risks and disadvantages as well.

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Sarah Masud, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Sarah Maud is a sophomore pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and Information Sciences. She also plans to minor in Art & Design. Some of her academic interests include cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and psychiatric disorders. She enjoys drawing, finding newmusic, and visiting coffee shops as well! Outside of Brain Matters, she is also a Market Research & Communications Intern at the Cargill Innovation Lab and involved in the  Undergraduate Psychology Association. She hopes to continue furthering her understanding of neuroscience through writing for the journal.