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Author Guidelines

Authors retain copyright of their submission to Lady Justice Journal
Submitted manuscripts have not been published elsewhere, are not currently under review elsewhere, and have been submitted with the full knowledge of their institutional home. Any manuscripts that do not meet originality requirements will be rejected without peer-review. All manuscripts will be reviewed based on intellectual content without regard for age, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, country of origin, or political philosophy of the authors. All manuscripts submitted for peer-review are kept strictly confidential by editors and reviewers. At no time will editors or reviewers utilize submitted materials without consent of the author(s).
The purpose of Lady Justice Journal is to encourage undergraduate research pursuits and not to hinder the author's ability to publish their work in other relevant journals. After publication in Lady Justice Journal, the author reserves the right to present any part of their research in any form in other publications or proceedings. Lady Justice Journal reserves the right to reproduce and reprint any materials published for instructional and promotional purposes. By submitting any material to Lady Justice Journal, you agree that your work is original, unless otherwise specifically acknowledged.
Additionally, all journals published digitally through Open Journals System at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are published as open access titles. This means that the journal will be accessible to users both at the University of Illinois and beyond. While authors and their work must still be properly acknowledged and cited, this allows users to read, download, and distribute works without the barriers long associated with scholarly literature, such as high costs and restrictive licensing deals. Open access allows for works to reach a larger audience. Further, if authors would like to publish their manuscripts elsewhere after publishing here first, they are able to do so granted they acknowledge Lady Justice Journal as their initial publication site. By submitting material to Lady Justice Journal, you acknowledge that you are aware of this open access policy and the benefits gained and rights maintained of open access authorship.
Submission Checklist
  • All manuscripts should be submitted as a Word document.
  • If your creative piece is a form of multimedia, please reach out to the editorial board with specifics so we can instruct you on the best way to submit your piece.
  • We encourage paper submissions to be between five and thirty pages in length, not including a Works Cited section.
  • Text should be double-spaced in a Times New Roman 12pt font with standard margins.
  • Citations can be in any style you choose, and footnotes are acceptable.
  • Please submit a cover page with your manuscript including a title, author’s name(s), university affiliation, and 150-300 word abstract if applicable.
  • Writing should be clear, logical, and free from typographical or grammatical errors. You are responsible for copyediting your submission.
  • Lastly, submissions must be readable by college undergraduates; explain any concepts that are critical to the understanding of the article, but may not be common knowledge.

Publication Timeline

Lady Justice Journal will be published once a semester. The call for submissions will begin at the start of each semester and will be open for roughly one month. Submission decisions will be made on a rolling basis until this window closes. Over the next two months, there will be two rounds of peer-review and revisions, during which we require authors to be responsive and timely in their edits. Final publication will occur during the last few weeks of the semester.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Lady Justice Journal is an undergraduate peer-reviewed journal at UIUC. The journal is dedicated to establishing and growing the undergraduate academic spheres of political science and its related fields, providing a space for original work to be published and accessed.

Journal History

Lady Justice Journal was created in 2023 by Vindhya Kalipi.


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